PSD 30 – 2k housing with display for electronic pressure and temperature switches.


Rarely has a plastic lid met such complex requirements. We were commissioned by a leading specialist in measurement technology to manufacture a 2k housing with the encapsulation of high-gloss PC components and state-of-the-art surface deposition. In addition to the operating elements feeling good, the cover had to ensure reliable EMC shielding of all internal components as well as compliance with the required IP 67 tightness class.

The particular challenge here was the process. For example, sensitive high-gloss components had to be inserted into the 2k die as precisely as possible without damaging them. At the same time, the required pull-off forces and tightness requirements had to be met in order to ensure subsequent installation at the customer’s site.


We developed and optimized the injection-molded design of the complete component within the specified framework data.

In 2k injection molding, the high-gloss components (windows) and light guides are inserted and overmolded on a special machine. The special feature here is that the injection process takes place directly in the die parting line for the benefit of tightness. We can shield and protect the internal components from EMC radiation using high vacuum deposition with aluminum.

The housing, windows and light guides are made of high-quality PC or PC/ABS blend. For the controls, we decided to use TPE to further improve the Shore hardness and thus the feel.

In a manual assembling process, the assemblies are mounted with a self-adhesive PTFE membrane and adhesion film before being transferred to logistics in the reusable packaging we helped develop. Each process step is permanently monitored using measuring machines, gages, dial gages and calipers, and documented in the CAQ system.


Approximately 100,000 housings are now produced annually in three different product variants. Today, the PSD 30 cover has proven itself in numerous machine tools, hydraulic or pneumatic applications, pumps, compressors as well as in special machine construction or in industrial cooling and lubrication systems.

Thanks to the geometric adjustments, we were able to make the insertion and injection molding process more stable and tighter. All catch mechanisms were improved and the required pull-off forces were met as a result.

The complete service of industrialization, toolmaking, production, assembly and surface refinement saves our customer time, costs and resources. Thanks to cross-departmental collaboration, we were able to contribute our experience along the entire value chain.

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