IT Specialist (m/f/d) apprenticeship

We are looking for the next Bill Gates from the Franconian Forest! The IT specialist (m/f/d) in application development apprenticeship is the perfect step into your dream job as a junior software developer. Support our IT department with innovative and smart software solutions. Planning, programming, testing, training – you get our company fit and ready for the future.

The best code is one you write yourself.

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D-95233 Helmbrechts

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The language of computers

As a programming professional, you’ll soon master the most common computer languages like Java and C++ inside out.

Love of IT

0s and 1s are your thing. You are agile and at home in the www. Code is your best friend and architecture has nothing to do with building for you.

Developer gene

You test existing applications and develop software solutions and user interfaces for the smart factory of the future.

Logical thinking

Computer science doesn’t think, it does what you program. All the more important that you take an analytical and thoughtful approach.

More than anywhere else. This is how much you earn per month for a 35-hour-week:

in the first year of trainin
in the second year of training
in the third year of training

“IT is like creating your own computer game. Just a bit more complex.”

Hannes IttnerIT Specialist Application Development

Personal contact

Christian Beer

Thank you for your interest in our apprenticeship vacancies. Do you have any questions about your application? Or would you like to send us an unsolicited application? Then please feel free to email me or give me a call.

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