CU bottom – coated base plate for heat dissipation in power electronics.


The CU base plate is used in various power electronics application areas. As a cooling plate, it contributes to the efficient cooling or heat dissipation of power modules. Thanks to our market-leading position in the production of copper base plates, we were commissioned with the integrated development and manufacturing of the cooling plate.

The customer’s key requirements included a clearly defined deflection with high accuracy specifications with regard to transverse and longitudinal deflection as well as the use of a raw material with the required thermal conductivity. After the stamping process, the copper base plate was also to be galvanized with solderable nickel plating. There were high demands on the surface quality of the raw material and the finishing surface.


All services were mapped with a high vertical range of manufacture at the production site. From the design, the prototype production in our toolmaking shop, the creation of the single dipping progressive die, the stamping process on a 200 ton automatic stamping machine, nickel plating in our in-house electroplating shop to packaging in customized trays.

The customer benefited from the very beginning, as we contributed our experience by providing technical advice while preparing the drawings. Designing the process together was also a key success factor in being able to meet the very narrow tolerance window at all.

We use high quality copper as a base material for the base plate, as it has optimal thermal conductivity or heat capacity and good processing properties. The nickel coating of the plates provides extra corrosion protection for the stamped part in addition to a more attractive look and solderability.

All relevant process parameters are continuously monitored along the entire value chain. For example, the deflection is controlled using specially developed measuring equipment and the results are recorded. In addition to the use of specific coating racks for nickel plating for the parts, high-precision coating thickness tests are carried out using X-ray tests as well as final soldering tests to ensure the solderability of the coated base plates. Each process step is permanently monitored using measuring machines, gages, dial gages and calipers, and documented in the CAQ system.


Thanks to our expertise in the production of base plates, we are able to increase the processability at the customer’s despite a narrow process window. The customer gets a stamping part, including the finished surface as a complete solution. Consequently, transport costs and lead times can be significantly reduced. Everything is precisely tailored to customer requirements, including the specific nickel plating for the parts, which we designed especially for the copper material.

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