Highest quality standards in each project stage. Of course - certified

100 % traceable, measurable, documented quality

Our certified quality management extends to the entire value chain.

By focusing on the most profitable and best possible results we fulfil your sector-specific quality requirements. We certify our entire system to ensure that you always remain on the safe side.

Synergies via an integrated quality management in a strong Group.

Together we bundle our competencies for even better results.

A permanent quality orientation implies pre-planning and controlling quality, continuously developing our processes and using progress to verify all precision requirements. In addition to being a strong service provider, the Rudi Göbel Group also makes use of the common feature of the different and often branch-specific standards and requirements. Highest demands which we combine in an integrated QM system to serve the interests of our customers. Through the use of synergies and the bundling of our resources we can make management and processes leaner and more efficient. Understanding interrelationships throughout the entire chain of operation is encouraged, activities to optimize processes are integrated in a single system.

Quality management

Our quality awareness is based on our ability to know the requirements of the market and those of our customers and to implement them in a cost-effective and safe way. This needs meticulous and reliable measurement, control and verification of all involved process determinates and tolerances. And the promise to be able to provide at any time the necessary capacities based on their needs. Because we leave nothing to chance, we follow each process including automated ones conscientiously and under our own responsibility. Our quality management system is certificated according to the ISO TS 16949 standard.

Environmental management

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Therefore it is required and self-evident that we use resources and energy responsibly, that we anticipate the impacts of our activities and to make every effort to continually reduce burdens and dangers to the environment. We are constantly looking for new materials, combined compounds and technologies that will enable us to produce even more environmentally friendly and resource-saving products. Our environment management system is certificated according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard.

Occupational safety

Better too much than too little. Safety and health in the workplace and the prevention of accidents have always occupied the highest priority at Rudi Göbel. They are an important basis for a longterm positive performance and are an indispensable part of our process oriented, integrated management system.

Achieve quality, inspect, secure it, examine it and maintain it every day.

We consider quality assurance as a dynamic process that never stands still.

In order to safeguard our quality promise we rely on technically mature manufacturing processes and a modern measuring and inspection technology - coordinated, controlled and documented in our group-wide CAQ system. A continuous, systematic quality control and a full-scale part inspection ensure our success and performance.

  • Raw material and product testings
  • Precision measurements
  • Manual and automated part inspection
  • Process accompanying documentation, test report
  • Simulations and function tests under realistic conditions
  • CT-evaluations
  • Product-specific test installations
  • Documentation of the delivery