Reliable materials, cost-effective and intelligently connected.

We mold technical components and compounds made of plastic, metal and silicone.

Our production processes annually more than 5000 t plastics and metal into durable precision components of all possible number of copies and specifications. This know-how combined with a wide range of automated manufacturing technology is the foundation of the trust placed in us by our customers around the world. As a pioneer in material compounding we manufacture simple molded plastic and high mass-produced punching parts as well as precision injection molding components, multi-component parts and complex stamping and bending parts. Our strengths are our versatility, flexibility, responsivenesse and our product quality which is to be found in every component no matter how small it might be. We are specialized, experienced in the field, but we remain open to new challenges.

Equipped for all branches and all kinds of production quantities

We permanently invest in the most modern technical equipment in order to fulfill all your requirements in an affordable manner. We continuously ensure high productivity via automated manufacturing processes and separate manufacturing cells for mass production. In particular in the field of manufacturing, we ensure a constant evolution in order to offer you a variety of innovative processes such as hybrid technology or silicone extrusion coating.

In close cooperation with our customers we adapt our machinery, whenever needed, to meet their requirements. Flexibility, greatly appreciated by our customers especially in the field of power electronics, automotive and industrial technology.

Plastics processing Injection molding technology of tomorrow, your quality advantage of today.

We manufacture precision injection molding components in a variety of sizes and weights from all conventional types of plastics.

Over 70 injection molding machines with clamping forces from 200 kN to 3,000 kN (in the group up to 4,700 kN) mold in shape thermoplastics, elastomers and multicomponents in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation. From the case, valve, molded-on pin to the dimensionally accurate module component. Thanks to the intelligent automation process with components, modules and technical parts we are successful in improving production processes and their results as well as their economic viability.

  • Our product line ranges from basic molding parts to high-precision injection molding parts
  • Processing all types of thermoplastics (without PVC) and a variety of thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic polyurethane as well as silicone
  • Professional handling of raw material, for example pre-drying, inking, conditioning or batch traceability
  • Multi-component injection molding
  • Insert and outsert molding technology (not only for plastic/metal compounds)
  • State-of-the-art injection molding machines from 25 tons to 300 tons (in the group up to 420 tons)
  • Injection weight up to 1,000 g


Automations in progress

  • Injection machines equipped with balancers used to fit or remove parts and sprues
  • Measuring technique connected to CAQ-softwares used to control processes during production
  • Implementation of production cells for large series
  • Automation systems for direct assembly or further processing of the components on the machine

Metal processing Up to 250 tons pressing force for highest stamping precision.

Precision technology depending on demand, in order to meet your requirements

As experienced supplier of stamped and formed parts we can offer you the whole range of metal processing. We process sheet metal plates, stainless steel, copper, aluminum plates in thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 5 mm in all common processes. From the standard stamped part up to the base plate or connection bracket.

  • Manufacturing mass stamped parts as well as complicated stamped bent parts
  • Processing all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Fashioning topically treated bands and strips
  • Automated punching presses with a pressing force of up to 250 tons
  • Hydraulic presses with a pressing force of up to 80 tons
  • Vibration grinding and vibratory finishing installation for deburring
  • Spot-welding, riveting, thread cutting also inside the tool

Automations in progress

  • Automated punching presses with transfer system
  • Multi point measuring devices connected to CAQ-softwares used to control processes during production
  • Implementation of production cells for large series

Compounds Latest hybrid technology from a single source.

We combine the advantage of diverse materials, components and technologies in only one process. This requires on the one hand precise knowledge of the materials and on the other hand the best processing technology available on site.

Our core competences also include multi-component injection molding, extrusion coating of diverse materials and hybrid technical connection of metal and plastic. We use synergy effects from multiple technologies to achieve cost-effective and application-optimized solutions. From fully automatic insert fitting up to completely installed components.

  • Processing all kinds of thermoplastics (excluding PVC) and a multitude of elastomers
  • Professional handling of raw material, for example pre-drying, inking, conditioning or batch traceability
  • Overmolding of metal parts, plastic parts, pre-mounted components, glasses and much more
  • Producing metal and plastic insert parts on our site in order to achieve optimal adjustment
  • Continuous and efficient manufacturing through simultaneous injection in one half of the mold and fitting the other half of the mold

Automations in progress

  • Manufacturing lines for shortening the processing time
  • Measuring device connected to CAQ-softwares used to control processes during production

Silicone processing - new material, new chances, a lot of synergies

Increasing exigencies alwys require new processes and developments.

By using silicone in our manufacturing program, we responded to these exigencies. More elastic, UV, chemical and temperature-resistant than conventional materials. Whether as pure silicone part or thermoplastic-/silicone compound part, we always have the appropriate solution with the coating technology on the basis of fully automatic two-component injection molding. Thanks to the latest injection molding technology and flexible manufacturing capacities we are able to process nearly all types of silicones into application-optimized, customer-specific parts and components.

Reasons for using silicone

  • High chemical and temperature-resistance
  • Good weathering, aging and UV resistance
  • Excellent compression set
  • Neutral in taste and odorless
  • Wide range of hardness
  • Highly flame-retardant with non-toxic combustion product and much more