We guarantee punctual and safe delivery whenever you want.

Comprehensive and timely logistical services for all packaging and handling requirements.

In the field of external logistics, i. e. goods dispatch, we rely exclusively on well-known and also certified transport companies. Thanks to our own vehicle fleet we can respond in a flexible manner and also at short notice to particular cases and customer wishes.

The "Internal logistics" and the "Packaging management" departments make available all necessary resources to meet the packaging and process-oriented requirements of our customers such as for example: consignment stock or kanban agreements for call-off orders, maintenance of records of returnable packaging, the provision of special packaging or identification markings. Need-based supply chain management for shorter restocking times, transparent processes and reduced storage costs.

Simplified customs processing.

As authorized economic operator (AEO) we can make use worldwide of our special privileges in customs processing. We will be pleased to pass this added value in form of time saving and reduced administrative expense to you.