Joint optimization of technologies and processes

We never cease to question existing processes, to integrate new materials and technologies into the production process and to bring them to maturity.

Our strengths are in the development of tools as well as in the optimization of production processes and components. Because we know that standard solutions do not, in many cases result in the best and most cost-effective result, we constantly redefine the bounderies of what is technically feasible. Our parameters are processing capability, durability, resource saving material input, sustainability and profitability. Our identifying feature is the large number of innovations which we have brought onto market for more than 55 years.

Product development

Profitability thanks to material expertise

The focus of our development efforts is in the examination and optimization of materials and their practicability. Thanks to the most advanced CAD/ CAM technology and simulation software we can simulate and analyze for example the best possible injection point of compounds. You benefit here, in particular, from the close interaction between our product development, tool making and manufacturing.

Usually our development builds up on our customer's product design. If needed we can always refer to reliable partners in this field and can provide professional support.

  • Feasibility analysis and simulation
  • Prototyping and consumption patterns
  • Thermal and mechanical design of components
  • Documentation

Process development

Increasing productivity

Available technologies and processes have their limitations. Existing solutions often do not lead to competitive prices. Together we will find new pathways to process maturity. This is how, for example, direct overmolding of glass from all grades or all-around vacuum coating by evaporation of plastic parts on standard facilities came to exist. Discuss with us, give us your goals.

We put your requirements in the center of our process-oriented approach.

  • Designing manufacturing processes
  • Designing manufacturing technologies
  • Integrating customized production equipment
  • Automations