From the first idea to series production 360 degrees for a better and more economical component.

Synergies thanks to short, well-established pathways, need-orientated manufacturing. and a comprehensive service spectrum.

Our passion for precision and materials proves itself in millions of components every day.

Thanks to our branch-specific expertise and the technical framework conditions on site we offer you the whole range of plastic, metal and silicone processing - beginning from joint development, tool making, manufacturing of small quantities or mass production up to surface refinement and assembly. Together with you, we design standardized components as well as highly complex interconnected systems for almost every sector and application. As head of the Rudi Göbel Group we can respond fast and with flexibility to order peaks and flexibly adjust our production to your requirements. We counsel, we operate, we optimize, we mold. We never stand still.

Material expertise from A to Z - you have the choice.