Toolmaker (m/f)

In this job you will manufacture tools for various manufacturing processes of plastic and metal treatment. Starting from sawing up to grinding with the micrometer accuracy.

This is who you are

You understand technical aspects, you have basic knowledge of mathematics, a certain deal of sensitivity and a good Secondary school certificate or General Certificate of Secondary Education. You want to understand the function of a tool rather than wanting to use it only. You are a man/ woman of action and you pay great attention to perfection.

This is what you can expect

  • Manufacturing pressure, injection molding, stamping and forming tools, compression and stamping molds
  • Assembling single components to produce finished tools
  • Manufacturing metal or plastic componentsn
  • Measuring, testing, maintenance and servicing tools
  • Treatment of materials e.g. by drilling, milling, turning, grinding and eroding
  • Working according to 3D construction

Potential earnings

Year of apprenticeshipSalary (pre-tax)
1. year of apprenticeship780 €
2. year of apprenticeship850 €
3. year of apprenticeship950 €
4. year of apprenticeship980 €

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